Vicki, are you like three people or something out there? Your responsiveness and help is just incredible.

Hang on, my client is on the other line. I’m telling him that you are one of the best … no, the best … Casting Director I have worked with in my entire career.

You’re making us look really good.

You are a Rock Star Goddess, Miss Vicki.
You might possibly have the best attitude in the world.

Guys, you always make me look like a star.

Vicki & Crew – PHENOMENAL JOB!! You blew the doors off. Thanks so much for your enthusiasm and hustle. You rule; and as this real Best Buy employee thing continues, you guys should be coordinating for the whole country.

Thank you so much – please change your name to Vicki Goddess!

I’ve never met you in person and yet you’re one of my favorite people

No matter what I throw, you take it on. You jumped in with gusto and the best attitude in the world again.

I wish I had met you sooner!

The Johnson’s client and agency were THRILLED with the real people casting. They did not make their choices holding their noses – it was easy.

You’re one of my favorite people … what makes me continue to take these wacky jobs is my never ending confidence in you to deliver while not freaking out.


I love you for addressing every detail up front. Thank you thank you thank you.

Hey V, You KICK ASS. Your casting is absolutely right on.

Did I mention that Vicki rules?!

Has anybody told you lately that…

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for EVERYTHING on this wild ride! I adore YOU and your WISDOM & HUMOR beyond words!

I second that Miss Vicki. We love your enthusiasm.

Call this a HUGE win – you did it! Hooray! Another win for our team! Great work on this. I know it was NOT easy.

Is it me or do I cause you calamities? Thank you for working through the flood!! Do I need to call 911 yet? God I love you guys. Thanks Vicki for all your hard work while you are floating away!! How goes the biblical disaster area?? I put money down on an ark for you, how many animals? You’re wonderful; don’t work past $1500.

Come down off the ledge. You’ve got too much to live for.

I haven’t even met you in person but I love you already!!!!

You are our hero and we love your guts!

Wow! It’s gonna take me quite a while to sort through all these wonderful women – and I gotta get up real early to shoot mañana – but I have to tell you, Vicki, you are amazing! You are SO GOOD at directing these actors! Holy sh__! Not only can I not remember the last time a casting director even conducted her own session – I’ve NEVER heard someone so intimately interacting with the actors, patiently pulling the best performance out of each and every one – and doing so for TWO EIGHT HOUR sessions!!! You’re wearing me out!

One of these days we will be able to pay you what you are worth, which incidentally is way more than this.

I owe you one… okay, maybe more than one. (Hope you’re not keeping track.)

Vicki thank you for EVERYTHING you had to do, at the last minute, through the night etc etc.

Thanks again for helping me through my meltdown. You are the voice of calm and reason. I talked to the Art Director last night about the job and he said your casting was the best he has ever seen. Congratulations on a job well done. You made me look good. I can’t tell you how great this experience has been working with you. It is comforting to know there are people like you out there in the business.

BIG SMILE! I appreciate your humor … refreshing! Thanks for handling ANOTHER prep over the WEEKEND.

Your attention to detail is amazing. Oh how I appreciate this about you.

Thank you so much for tolerating this one. I appreciate your patience, perseverance and any other p-words (positive ones! I’m sure there’s a bad joke in there somewhere) that apply. All are very happy.

Vicki’s gone above + beyond again on this one. I know we already love her. Here is yet another reason.

You have knocked my socks off! Thanks for the great research. I meant to call you but had to rush home as our landscaper is having a mid-life crisis and, well, it’s a long story …

Hey, thanks again for the energy you’ve brought to one of our jobs and for making us look good in the process. Needless to say, the German producer was impressed with all of your input as was I (even though I’m accustomed to it by now). You sure don’t rest on your laurels.

The casting is terrific – Vicki has it together.

You have saved the day in a pinch … AWESOME JOB … so for my part I will simply say, thank you thank you thank you!

Nice job again! The shoot went great! It was the most fun I’ve had on a shoot in quite a while. You’re the best!

Dear Vicki, thank you so so much (from everyone here who is confounded by all of this SAG minutiae) for all your hard work and dedication to us on this project, forging through all this new media and internet territory.

Finally, a casting director who understands Viagra!


Got thrown into yet ANOTHER situation where I had to hire the director’s casting choice and they dropped the ball … are you there to bail me out … AGAIN?

You’re a walking SAG-AFTRA encyclopedia.

I think you are definitely a minor deity if not, say, Athena or one of the other awesome strong women of the Pantheon.

You’re just about the most upbeat person I’ve ever met.

There is a special place for you in heaven.

I’ve only known you 48 hours; but you’re hilarious.

Pleasing the man with his name on the door is not easy, but you’ve made it look so easy. He’s very, very pleased (excited, he said!) about everything you’ve done. Thank you for making me look so good.

You’ve been fantastic with apparently a super-tight budget.

This photographer’s a tough nut and you’ve made me look great as usual…you’re unbelievably awesome.

Thank you for the voodoo you do so well.
You may now sleep well.

We’re sorry you’re so popular. You’re truly a “gem”.

Another bang-up job!

By the way: everyone LOVED your casting! Said that it’s the best casting they’re seen in years!

I’m so impressed about your knowledge of the SAG contract. I wish all Casting Directors were like you. I hope we use you all the time – my job will then be easy!

…and thanks for guiding me through my chaos last night. I don’t think I could have pulled this off without your support.

As always, I’m hugely appreciative of you taking the time to review and help us revise our non-union contracts.
I don’t deserve you.

Oh boy, oh boy … you really went above and beyond the call of duty in time and effort fighting that claim for us. The evidence you supplied SAG-AFTRA was overwhelming; and in the end, without question, convinced.
YOU are a true champion.

Vicki, you are incredible. I feel so lucky to have found you, both in your gracious spirit and great smarts.

… anyway, client called me on his way home and said the session went spectacularly well. All I could say is that I think you’re the greatest (meaning you). I wish I had more opportunities to cast in LA; but when I do, you’ll get the call every time.